Sister Abonee Hossain

Anyone who knows me knows the place Lambda Kappa Sigma holds in my heart. I joined this organization as a freshman in my fall semester so to say I was lost, confused, and looking for a place to belong are still probably understatements. At Activities Fair, I came across a group of women that looked sisterhood to me. After joining the organization, not only did it look that way, it also felt this way. I was so blessed to have so many sisters who supported me, guided me, and made my worst days on campus feel just a little better. These feelings were more apparent when we went virtual for our academic and extracurricular experiences and being at home made me realize just how much a conversation with a sister in hallways between class changes meant to me. While I joined this organization primarily for sisterhood, it is the one of many things I have gained from it. I have also grown tremendously as a leader from serving as Sisterhood Development Chair to Vice President. Both these positions allowed me to find confidence in myself, work on my ability to adapt to different scenarios, and much more. Through these positions, I found myself adjusting to new jobs, other organizations, and even interviews easier. Lastly, Lambda Kappa Sigma has taught me the importance of service. Our dedication to Relay for Life at St. John’s and ongoing determination to raise money for Project Hope has shown me persistence of our sisters. Furthermore, as our society battles discrimination, we have also taken the extra step to help organizations such as the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum through donations. It is an honor to be a sister of the Alpha Pi Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma.


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