Sister Anjali Rana

Sisterhood is a relationship formed by women who have similar goals and are willing to work together to achieve them. They are bound and united by shared goals. Sisters support each other on their endeavors and are surrounded by people who care for our well-being. It allows you to be true to yourself and uplift others when they need it the most. This creates a healthy relationship where people are able to grow into individuals. They are able to thrive on their own through sisters who bring about each other’s spirit and drive for one another. Sisterhood is the key for a successful relationship as one acquires new achievements in their life. They are able to create new meaning and peace with one another and ensure everyone maintains happiness. Leadership is finding a mission that one is proud of and working towards uplifting those goals. They are able to create unity in their chapter and ensure everyone is confident with their plans. It creates trust when others believe in you. This creates an atmosphere of passion and harmony for girls everywhere. This also promotes loyalty for all sisters and those who hear about our endeavors. This is beneficial because it drives a successful point and emphasizes the quality of sisterhood for all.
Service is working towards promoting the growth of the vulnerable. Those who need help the most are able to get that from the sisterhood. It requires individuals to be selfless and to have a passion for helping others. This is so important as it promotes kindness for all people in life. This is beneficial as it searches to create meaning for everyone in life. It works to build a better tomorrow for a bigger and brighter future.


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