Sister Waliya Qureshi

What does sisterhood mean to me?

Sisterhood means accepting each other no matter what and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life. Sisterhood is being able to call or text any of your sisters out of the blue when in need of help and knowing without a doubt that they will be there for you. Sisterhood is a bond amongst women who share similar ambitions and goals, and can move forward by supporting and helping one another to reach those goals.

What does leadership mean to me?

Leadership is being able to help and guide your sisters when in need of support. A leader is someone you can look up to and be honored to follow as they serve as a strong role model. Leadership is being able to guide your sisters while motivating them to where they need to be.

What does service mean to me?

Service is an act of kindness that places others before yourself. Service is thinking about others before you think about yourself. Service is wanting to benefit and help others before helping yourself.


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