Sister Kezia Abraham

Lambda Kappa Sigma embodies sisterhood because its kindhearted members constantly inspire one another to be the best version of themselves. These hardworking sisters give their best effort into every event, fundraiser, or gathering they plan, and their motivation inspires others to provide a helping hand as well. Members are always present for one another through triumphs and struggles alike, strengthening the bond of this sorority. Additionally, this sorority provides opportunities for sisters to gain leadership skills through the numerous executive board positions available. Upon being elected to a position, members have this chance to learn to lead; in addition to the many responsibilities of pharmacy school, e-board members take on the added responsibility of leading this organization and learn to manage it all and manage it well. Through leadership experience members are able to learn about cooperation, management, and accountability. Another central value of this sorority is service; LKS strives to serve its community through fundraisers such as those for Project Hope or through raising awareness for cancer and cancer research through participation in Relay for Life, which is a huge undertaking for this organization every year. Furthermore, LKS contributes to the community through donations to the Salvation Army, partnering with Habitat for Humanity, and even through donating blood to blood drives. As a professional and academic sorority, LKS always places value on scholarship; sisters are expected to uphold academic integrity throughout their membership. The major connection between students in this sorority is the pharmacy program and that remains central; it allows members to connect based on school and classes, but it also allows them to connect in the broader sense of being a student member of a health care team. Integrity is also a value that each member upholds- this quality is integral to a team because it makes cooperation possible. Integrity from each sister is what we can depend on for projects to get done and it assures us that sisters are here to support one another.


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